Is it time to replace my windows and doors?

Here are some simple examples of why now may be the right time to replace your windows.

  • You spend time in the fall sealing your windows with plastic and tape to keep drafts out. 
  • You have to install or remove storm windows.
  • You need to climb a ladder to clean the outside of your windows.
  • You need to scrape, caulk, and paint your windows.
  • There is noticeable mold on your wooden window frames and sashes. 
  • Your windows are hard to open and close, or are even permanently painted shut making it difficult or impossible for you and your family to get out of your house in an emergency.
  • You have windows with broken hardware that you can’t operate.
  • You feel drafts around your windows even when they are closed.
  • You’re cold in the winter or hot in the summer when you’re sitting near your windows.
  • Your windows have only one pane of glass.
  • Your windows have two panes of glass, but there is moisture or dirt between the panes.
  • You have water leaking into your home or into the wall cavity, creating a mess when there is rain or snow.
  • You’re losing heat in the winter and cool air in the summer because of inefficient windows.
  • Your heating and cooling bills are too high. 
  • The locks and latches on your windows and doors are broken or missing, which leaves you vulnerable to break-ins.
  • You hear excessive outside noise when your windows are closed.

If you agree with any of the above statements, it may be time to consider replacing your windows.


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