Questions about your new windows
and doors?

Below are  some of the most common from our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exclusions are listed in your Warranty?

A. Centennial’s ‘no fine print’ warranty has NO exclusions and is not pro-rated. It covers you 100% for as long as you own your home.

Q. Who was the sub contractor that installed my Centennial windows and doors?

A. At Centennial, we use No Sub-Contractors. Only professionally trained employees will install your windows and doors. If you have a problem, call us and we’ll make it right.

Q. Who will service my windows or doors if I have a problem?

A. We have a fully staffed service department and your windows and doors are 100% guaranteed for as long as you own your home.

Q. Does Centennial have the windows with the tilt-in design for easy cleaning?

A. Centennial innovated the tilt-in design! Most Centennial windows do tilt-in and can be safely and conveniently cleaned from inside your home.

Q. How often will I need to paint my Centennial windows?

A. Centennial’s custom vinyl replacement windows will never need to be painted. Aside from cleaning them, all of our windows are virtually maintenance free.

Q. How often will I need to caulk my Centennial windows?

A. Caulking should be inspected annually.  Building materials, such as the frame of the house, expand and contract due to changes in weather, which can cause the caulking to stretch beyond its limit. Road salt can also affect sealants.

Q. What is condensation?

A. Condensation is the moisture in the air that usually reveals itself when it comes into contact with any surface that is cooler than the inside air temperature.

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Q. Who owns Centennial Windows and Doors?

A. Centennial is owned and operated by George Warren and his family, who work at Centennial every day.  

Q. Are my Centennial windows ENERGY STAR qualified?

A. Yes, the highest rated in Canada. Centennial is the only company to ever win 3 National ENERGY STAR awards in 2004, 2005 & 2008.

Q. Does Centennial live in and get involved in the communities that they serve?

A. Centennial has 11 permanent showrooms and staff across Southwestern Ontario. We live and participate in the communities we serve every day. 

Q. Does Centennial have any customer references? 

A. Hundreds and hundreds of unsolicited letters praising every facet of our business. Just click here to see them ask us to see them!

Q. Do you have the kind of windows that open from both the top and bottom?

A. Yes, our Double Hung windows are our most popular and easiest to clean window, with our tilt-in design. 

Q. Are there any government or industry standards for window companies?

A. Yes, you should always insist that you see both the CSA and ENERGY STAR labels or standards for every window or door you consider buying.

Q. Do Vinyl windows and doors only come in white?

A. Centennial windows and doors come in a variety of colours and finishes and coatings based on the product. Click on Our Windows and Our Doors for specifics.

Q. Are Centennial windows triple glazed?

A. Centennial does offer triple glazed windows.

Q. Is there really a difference between fibreglass doors on the market?

A. Definitely. Centennial’s patented new fibreglass door systems eliminate the bowing and warping commonly found with other door systems. Guaranteed.

Q. Do I have many choices when picking a new door for my home?

A. Yes. Fibreglass or Steel, entry, patio, garden, sliding, lights, transoms, 25 custom colours and hundreds of hardware choices.

Q. Is Centennial registered with the Better Business Bureau?

A. Centennial is a founding member of the Western Ontario BBB and proud recipient of the 2009 Integrity Award.